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WorkSlice is currently only available as part of a managed consulting engagement through our parent company, Stegmeier Consulting Group.

Managed implementation services include:

  • Consultation to determine the factors you’d like to measure with your WorkSlice study
  • Customization to brand the study with your corporate graphics/unique wording (descriptions of certain spaces, etc.)
  • Data entry and management for study setup (mapping out floor plan & work space types/names, entry of employee names/email addresses for system invites, etc.)
  • Communication pieces to explain benefits of WorkSlice, identify what it is not (Big Brother, etc.)
  • Guidance on maximizing the success of WorkSlice’s gamification component
  • Tech support and troubleshooting
  • Delivery of study results
  • Recommended next steps to improve the workplace experience (may include suggested physical changes and/or employee activities)

Prospective clients should fill out the form below or call us at 1-747-47-SLICE to discuss your needs and pricing.

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