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Android (Galaxy, Droid, etc.)

If you’ve been invited to participate in a WorkSlice study, there are a number of ways to review the work spaces you use throughout the day. The invite email you received from your company’s WorkSlice administrator contains the link and directions to participate from your computer or any web-connected device, such as a smart phone or tablet. Using the web app, there is nothing for you to physically download; simply log in to the site, select the space you’re using, and submit your feedback. You’ll then be able to view the leader board select or select another space to review.

While you can use the WorkSlice web app on your smart phone or tablet, your experience will likely be more enjoyable by using the actual smart phone app, which enables more fluid scrolling and features & functionality designed specifically for your device’s native operating system.

The WorkSlice Android app is currently under development. Once it’s finished, end users will be able to more seamlessly offer feedback on their office environment from their Google-based smart phones & tablets, such as Samsung Galaxy & Note, HTC One, and Motorola Droid. These devices should still work well with the WorkSlice web app in the meantime.

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