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We’re Seeking Beta Testers

We’re Seeking Beta Testers

 The WorkSlice Team    

Attention corporate real estate professionals: Are you interested in getting early access to a revolutionary new workplace tool?  We are looking for portfolio managers who can offer some feedback on our service and share insights on pricing.  Beta testers will be able to conduct a WorkSlice study with their employees and capture some rich, pertinent data on how your office environment is being used. You’ll learn which spaces employees like best and why they are more desired than other work settings. This exercise will also unveil why certain work areas are avoided and how, in the eyes of your end users, you can make these spaces more appealing.

An ideal candidate for beta testing will be an organization that has anywhere from 50 – 250 end users in a single location (building/floor plate/wing/etc) who can participate in a WorkSlice study for 4 – 8 weeks, providing regular feedback through our system on each work space they use throughout the day. If you think this description fits your company, please let us know!

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