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Why is WorkSlice™ such a big deal?

Why is WorkSlice™ such a big deal?

 The WorkSlice Team    

Stegmeier Consulting Group has conducted workplace research for more than 20 years, touching more than 200 organizations in 27 industries.  Two questions have been consistently asked of our consultants: 1) How can an organization quantify the impact that the physical work environment has on the workforce? and, 2) How can you measure workforce productivity before and after the workplace change?

As the parent company of WorkSlice™, Stegmeier Consulting Group is excited to launch our proprietary mobile app.  Organizations can have their employees use WorkSlice™ to accomplish these objectives, as well as to gather data on a number of other aspects of the physical work environment to ensure their investment in corporate real estate is fully optimized.


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It's time to take your office environment to the next level. WorkSlice can help you quantify how every aspect of your workplace impacts your employees. It's time to gather rich, meaningful data. It's time to slice.