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The WorkSlice Story

o The mobile app has been named WorkSlice™ to educate end-users that a work task is simply a single slice of their work day, and that different tasks need to be supported by different types of work space settings.

o The work environment has changed in many organizations.  Assigned, spacious cubicles and private  offices used to be designed to accommodate every possible task that the end user would conduct as part of his/her work day.  Reliance on paper required large work surfaces to spread out and work on hard copy documents. Desktop computers and wired phones kept workers tethered to their individual spaces.

o Those dedicated spaces are being supplanted by shared space environments and activity-based settings where employees are empowered to seek out the type of space best suited for the task (conducted alone, with others, degree of privacy, required, etc.). Reinforcing that a work task is simply a single slice of your day drive the behavioral changes needed for employees to accept, embrace, and adopt new ways of working, while supporting the success of many new workplace strategies.

WorkSlice™ can actually quantify that success.

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