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WorkSlice is a proprietary cloud-based software that allows organizations to compile rich, real-time data about how employees are using their office environment. Designed and developed by Stegmeier Consulting Group, WorkSlice enables corporate real estate and workplace professionals to better understand their real estate portfolio. By using our smart phone app, employees are able to review the work spaces they’re using throughout the day and address how well the space supported the tasks they were working on.

WorkSlice administrators are able to set the parameters of a study to ensure that only pertinent data is being captured with each review. Concerned about how temperature and lighting are impacting employees cz-lekarna.com? WorkSlice can do that. Wondering how visual privacy and audible distractions are preventing employees from focusing? WorkSlice has you covered. Our revolutionary offering arms you with data to better manage your office environment.

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It's time to take your office environment to the next level. WorkSlice can help you quantify how every aspect of your workplace impacts your employees. It's time to gather rich, meaningful data. It's time to slice.