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Real Time Workplace Data

WorkSlice enables your organization to get an apples to apples comparison of how your office environment supports each slice of your employees' work day.

Set your parameters

Upload your floor plan, map out your work spaces, set the criteria you want to examine, and invite your colleagues to participate in your WorkSlice Study.

Step 1

Capture useful data

Users can access WorkSlice from any device with an internet connection--their web browser on a desktop/laptop/smart phone, or our Android (Galaxy/Droid/etc.) and iOS (iPhone/iPad) apps.

Step 2


Users are awarded points for offering feedback on work settings and for tagging colleagues in a space used together. A real time scoreboard tracks leaders. Incentivize participation with prizes!

Step 3

Harness the data

Export your data to a PDF report or to Excel from your administrator dashboard. Learn why spaces are in high demand or avoided. WorkSlice arms you with data to better manage your office environment!

Step 4

Agile. Responsive. Yours.

With WorkSlice, there's no need for outdated methods of gathering workplace data or for expensive and intrusive utilization studies. Employees already have an opinion of the spaces they use; why not understand their needs?

The WorkSlice Blog

Innovation is all around us: WorkSlice write up in Cleveland Plain Dealer

Posted By The WorkSlice Team

WorkSlice is featured in a recent article on Cleveland.com and in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, "Innovation is all around us," written by Michael DeAloia.  Michael's Tech Czar column features news on the tech and entrepreneurial scene in Cleveland and throughout the rust belt

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May 1, 2017 No Comments

What’s the Future of Open Office Environments?

Posted By The WorkSlice Team

There is no shortage of discussion around the ubiquitous 'open office'. More often than not, the articles you see in the news paint the picture of a negative user experience--distractions galore that decrease productivity and greatly offset any cost savings of a smaller corp

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April 20, 2017 No Comments

We’re Seeking Beta Testers

Posted By The WorkSlice Team

Attention corporate real estate professionals: Are you interested in getting early access to a revolutionary new workplace tool?  We are looking for portfolio managers who can offer some feedback on our service and share insights on pricing.  Beta testers will be able to c

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July 9, 2016 No Comments

Who Uses WorkSlice?

All sorts of professionals use our service to harvest valuable workplace data



Portfolio managers in charge of delivering a quality workplace experience for employees can harness WorkSlice's ability to crowdsource real time data as to why or why not certain spaces get used.

Corporate Real Estate/Facilities Management Professionals



It's time to take programming into the digital age. When planning a new work environment, there's no better way to understand users' needs, likes, and dislikes than conducting a WorkSlice study of the current office. Our camera functionality allows for photo-journaling & perspective that enables you to design the best space possible.

Architects & Interior Designers


Conducting a WorkSlice study in advance of a move or restack allows workplace strategy and change management specialists to better understand how employees use their space and proactively identify forthcoming challenges.

Workplace Strategists & Change Managers


HR Pros

Between training, new policies, & communication, organizations typically invest thousands of hours in preparing employees for new ways of working. WorkSlice's gamification component can incentivize employees to make full use of their work environment, ensuring your efforts are not in vain.

Human Resource Professionals

Your office. Your floor plan. Your data.

Map out any of the following work settings with our interactive floor plan guide, and let your users share valuable feedback!

Individual SpacesPrivate Office | Cubicle | Workstation | Touchdown Area | Phone Booth
Collaboration ZonesConference Room | Project Room | Huddle Room | Lounge Area | Kitchenette
Community AreasCafeteria | Lobby | Wellness Room | Prayer Room | Auditorium | Locker Room | Restroom
Customize it!Name your own space or classify work areas by small/medium/large and assigned/unassigned.

Ready to get started?

It's time to take your office environment to the next level. WorkSlice can help you quantify how every aspect of your workplace impacts your employees. It's time to gather rich, meaningful data. It's time to slice.